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  • Hey, folks-- what's the best way to prevent collisions during an object fade out (after a collision with it has occurred)?

    I'm having an issue where a game's score is being increased multiple times when two collided objects stay in contact with each other during the fade out I have set on the object being destroyed...



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  • I'm not sure if the fade-out behaviour directly links into the opacity of the object - but you can try doing a comparison with the opacity for your collision.

    If opactity = 100

    Object collides with object

    --- Do stuff

    If that doesn't work, you may be better off not using the fade behaviour, and coding a simple one yourself just be setting opacity of the object until it's at 0 - then destroying it if opacity is 0 or less.


  • Hey bcgreen24

    I think the best way to do what you want is to disable the collision with the object that is going to destroy.


    object A on collision with object B ------ object B disable collisions , object B start fade


  • Thanks, saour-- I'll give that a go...


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