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  • Its me again, with more random ideas.

    I have a few suggestions that can make collision a lot better and simpler to use:

    1- A "Negative" collision. In other words, the area you select is the only part of the sprite NOT affected by collision. This will make room collision a lot better and easier to do.

    2- A multiple box collision option. Instead of using polygons, you can just click and drag to make a rectangle, and you can make more than one of them. This would be really useful for single sprite maps (or even just standard rooms) as well as many other things.

    3- This has probably been asked before, but is there any way to implement a feature that will allow you to control things from one layout from another? Such as generating sprites on layout 2 while on layout 1.

    Thats all!

    For now at least :)

  • Can I bump this? These features would really help with all kinds of games, especially ones that their map is just one big picture (with buildings and objects already on it).

  • Scirra has a ridiculously long to-do list and do not really need any new suggestions at this time.

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  • LOL! You can't blame the guy for giving his ideas. Well those a nice ideas and would really help a lot but I think it may take a while before those get implemented. Even the plugins/behaviors I'm waiting for haven't been added yet so I'm waiting patiently.

  • Users feedback and suggestions are not only very important but crucial. Ashley can't divinate all possible needs of everyone so that he can sort them out later.

  • Those stuff have already been "suggested" and dismissed.

    Multiple collisions ? Use several invisible sprites, pin them on your "main" sprite and here you go, multiple hitbox.

    Making objects on other layouts ? Use the global property of objects and remember that a layout is created only when the action "go to layout" is met. And remember that objects are destroyed when a layout is "closed" (going from layout1 to layout2, objects fom layout1 that don't have the global property on are destroyed, objects supposed to be in layout2 are created).

    If you need to create objects on layout2, spawn them in the event "On start of layout".

    If you need subtlety and dependece on your first layout, use global variables.

    If an action has been done in layout1 you can set a global variable to a certain value.

    On startup of layout2, test the global variable, the value is such as expected ? Spawn object.

    Here you go.

    Suggestions are good, learning to use C2 and what it allows as it is right now is better.

  • In User view point i think a better collision system would add much to the engine. Creating invisible sprites for it is cumbersome at least. In Developer view point Ashley has already much to do and a multi shape collision body could be hard to implement so it goes to end of list.

  • I do read all suggestions but right now we don't have time to work on anything which has workarounds. In other words we're prioritising things which are otherwise completely impossible. All three of these can be worked around:

    1) Just set up a square collision mask with a bit missing

    2) Invisible sprites as 'detectors' has been a standard technique since Classic

    3) I don't think the engine really supports this, it's up to you to make your game logic do what you need it to.

    So I do appreciate these may be genuinely useful, it's just there are things like Families on the todo list which are making it extremely difficult to make large projects which is quite a severe problem, and these are minor problems in comparison (IMO).

  • Oh, yes, families... (starry eyes) hope they are not too far away.

  • Thanks for all the replies, I had no idea that those had workarounds. I will try them out, hopefully they will work. And I agree with Somebody... I hope families are coming soon :)

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