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  • I am making a Breakout style game for my grandson. Everything is going well apart from one problem. I have the ball set as solid and the bat unchecked for solid. I have set up my own formula for adjusting the bounce angle of the ball depending on where it hits the bat. The ball has the bullet behaviour. Sometimes when the ball overlaps the bat the ball goes straight through. Would I be better making up my own custom movement for the ball or is there some way round this problem?

  • Why didn't you set the bat as solid?

    Maybe it's a silly question but I really can't figure why... <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I tried it as solid as well and the same thing occurs. It doesn't matter if you set the condition to overlapping or colliding, the same thing occurs.

  • I had this issue, but only when objects speed were very high and fps very low (phonegap on android).

    Try to set a four-point square as collision polygon for the ball and make solid the bat.

    If the ball is perfectly inscribed in this square theorically you'll not notice any difference in the gameplay.

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  • Use CustomMovement for the ball and you can check for collisions every few pixels. That's what I'm doing in my breakout game.

  • Knifegrinder- How do you setup the collision polygon like you described?

  • Image editor -> Third icon from top

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