Collision polygon 4 tiles with separate areas?

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  • Created foreground-tiles for a 2D game. Speed up the process by following Ashleys tutorial "How to make a Platform game". Great. Only problem is this method doesn't jive that great with the collision polygon action because some tiles will have several solid areas with space separating them--that is--when a large image gets divided into smaller parts some of these parts will be a nightmare to try and define with the collision polygon action since you can't have multiple areas in one tile :(

    (What I mean is: the program wont splice the large texture image into tiles that are easy to define when working with the collision polygon method, it will only create tiles that are the same size, which is what it's supposed to do, but this becomes a problem when you're not able to create multiple, separate collision polygon areas in one single tile)

    I've read the following post, "Alternative to collision polygon?", and Joannesalfas suggestion is of course a solution to the problem, but it just gets headachingly cumbersome when you're dealing with about 200 tiles.

    Do I need to downgrade to Construct 1? As I understand it, the first version of Construct is not using the collision polygon method, it is not using html5, which apparently, according to Ashley, isn't fast enough yet for "full polygon collision detection", or something like that.

    Thank you for any advice you have on this matter!


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  • Construct classic is a direct X game design environment which means you don't get browser based games or mobile games.

  • Yeah, I've understood that as well, and a version 2 always packs more features than a first outing, still a bit cumbersome though, but hey, I guess a workaround solution is still a solution, and it didn't take too much time, although I'm only finished with the first half of the map. :)

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