Collision for level is not where it should be.

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  • I'm not sure if I have pressed a key, a bad event or a bug, but one of my levels has a weird collision issue, whereas the collision has moved quite a distance in the +X direction. I loaded up an old save and it was fine and also tested a level in the problem save and that level was fine too.

    As you can see the collision in the level is how it should be, but picture the collision moved about 500+X.

    Anyone know of this happening before and is there a way to fix it, other than go back to a recent working save?

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  • Only way you can "move" collision is by changing the collision polygon in the editor, or having an offset collision, I don't think you can change the collision by 500x in the editor, is its probably an offset event with a huge x value, you should check all your collision events.

  • No collision events that would cause this, just checked for any. Seems like the first 200 units of the level are fine, but past that it seems to take collision from 500 units infront of the player. I have no idea what is going on.


    Found the issue, the player base was set to the moving background, can't believe I didn't catch that.

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