Collision checks performance issues

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  • Hello fellas,

    the game I develop right now has about 300 sprites, which act like physical particles. Some of the game play mechanics is based on collision checks between sprites. This particles form clusters, where they kind of touching each other and that's a lot of collision checks, which are redundant and decrease perfomance. I need to check for collision when to particles with different attributes collide, but as long as I do > Sprite on collision with another Sprite - the engine checks for all the collisions even if I specify conditions.

    The question is - is it possible to "filter" collision checks with conditions?

  • Yes, place conditions above the collision check to filter down the objects to only those meeting the condition, and then collision checks will only work with those instances.

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  • Ashley

    Hmm, it is only possible to place conditions above "Is Overlaping", which I tried and it does not work for objects from the same family. Example: family consisting of one sprite but with instances with different local variables (name) !=

    SpriteFamily Is Overlaping Sprite

    Does not register any collisions.

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