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  • I'm hoping someone can confirm this for me.

    My suspicion is that the very nice collision cells optimization might not work when using the "Mouse is over object" condition. Provided that this is the first condition that picks an instance of the object of course.

    If this is the case, I can work around it by using a dummy object on the mouse I'm sure, and I'll start work on testing that out right now, but this would save me some time if anyone knew off-hand.

    Also, if anyone knows if the system condition "Pick overlapping point" works with collision cells, that would be excellent.

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  • After doing some more testing of my own. I'm fairly sure that the condition "Mouse is over object" does not work with the collision cells optimization.

    I took a small 1px object and set it to follow the mouse at all times. Then I replaced the "Mouse is over object" condition with a condition that tests using my mouse_dummy object instead. This halved the collision checks per second. Which is actually not as good as I was hoping but it's better at least.

    Also I should add that the system condition "Pick overlapping point" didn't seem to have any effect on the collision checks per second compared to the "Mouse is over object" condition. So I think that also doesn't work with collision cells.

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