Collision cells broke my game

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  • Can we please have the option to disable collision cells? Almost every platform enemy in my game is now stuck in the floor or has fallen through a jumpthru platform by the time I get to them. Also if you have a collision object stretched wider than the window size it will often not register collisions.

    I've tried to reproduce these things in a new .capx but for some reason it works fine every time. I've also tried fixing it myself with events but this just causes more bugs elsewhere.

    Not sure what to do about this, and considering I have ~9 months invested in this game it's too late to change how enemies are spawned and all. So, please, can we just have an option to disable collision cells? It seems I'm not the only one having problems with them either!

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  • No, they're too important to turn them off - we need to get them working. The bug with falling through jumpthrus should be fixed in the next build, maybe the other issues were related to the same cause.

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