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  • Ashley

    in the release notes, of the collision cells, there's the point that when you add conditions ontop of collisonchecks, the cells stop working

    but in my project, if found the collision check, only had a small improvement, probably because there's really nothing outside of the screen, everything is generated with arrays

    so i had still above 2500 collision checks, and by adding collision conditions i reduced it to max 500

    question is, are they fully disabled?, cause in debug they still register,

    if so, is it possible to disable them completly, for example when you do use conditions, this way we can choose what gives the best performance.

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  • I'm not clear on what exactly you're asking... strictly speaking you can have other conditions above a collision testing one, as long as they are not for the same object type. In other words the picked objects must be untouched by the first collision check condition. It sounds like you don't have many collision checks anyway so it might not be something you need to worry about.

  • ah, like i first understood it, the collision cells didn't work if you put a condition above it, but to be clear..

    a) if you use a system compare variable, or check on another object then it still uses cells on the collisioncheck beneath

    b) if you compare lets say an object.isactive and then do a collision check on that object it doesn't use the cells

    c) does one such condition, disables all cells for all collisions?


    my latest test

    moved cell 70 - 1/tick

    cell count 23

    cant seem to make them fail :)

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