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  • I discovered that I could copy and paste code from one project to another, so long as all objects referenced by that code existed within the receiving project. Theoretically this means that for my game, which uses component minigames, my friends and I can develop minigames in their own .capx files and just copy paste them when they're ready.

    Question 1:

    Are there any obvious oversights I'm making right now? Am I missing a big reason why I shouldn't do this?

    Question 2:

    Is there a more efficient way to handle collaboration in scirra?

    Question 3:

    What's you're favorite kind of cake?

    Thanks for taking the time to help me out. I really appreciate it.

  • 1: None that I know of

    2: I think you can use one file and just share it using Dropbox, Google Drive or some other shared cloud hosting. That way you make changes to one file and you can all work on different parts, make your own event sheets etc. if you want. You can also keep your own individual backups in case something goes wrong.

    3: Costco cake <3

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  • Twintails, thanks for the input!

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