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  • Hi all,

    I was looking at a post that was asking about the programming language one would use in Construct

    and of course the "No Programming Needed" however;

    When I and have to place variables in a game in the Event Sheet,

    (I'll show the attached file I was looking at I got on here about way points)

    In the follow track section on the demo, it has "turnspeed*dt*60"

    for helping guide to a node. What is this and why was it needed and how do I learn to use this type

    of coding?

    This is one example of scripting or programming that I need learn to better

    understand this software, but you need to know more than this one thing when doing these sort of things so could you all please give me a basic guide line on what this kind of coding is and where I learn it?

    Is it simply Java Script?

    I want to understand the mind set when thinking aobut this in a logical progression

    of learning.

    Thank you all

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  • It is maths rather than code

    *60 means, well, you multiply by 60

    *dt means you multiply by dt, dt is one of the many expressions of C2, you can found the system expressions here:

    dt is the time between the last frame and the current frame, C2 execute the event sheet each frame, so this dt can be used as a "tick to time" conversion when needed (I think I am not clear, a quick search on dt will help you)

    at first it may feel weird, but you can learn when they are needed, and when they are not.

  • Thank you for your reply, I guess I was asking how to learn to write and use

    them, the underlying logic.

  • Much of the C2 syntax (comparators, symbols, functions, etc...) is based on javascript.

    No coding inasmuch as you can 'block out' a game with behaviors and plugins, with just a few events to 'glue' things together. A great way to brainstorm and prototype. Later on, you'll gravitate more towards events where you have more control over things.

  • Thank you,

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