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  • i know this should contact ludei... but its difficult to find their tech support email from their complex website, so i'm asking here first, see if anyone experience the same problem.

    i've compiled my game, load up all ios images required and optional assets on cocoonjs site, when i open the xcode file, i get these 2 issue warnings, anyone else get this? should i just ignore them?

    Missing "Default-568h@2x.png" launch image

    (null): User supplied UIDeviceFamily key in the Info.plist will be overwritten. Please use the build setting TARGETED_DEVICE_FAMILY and remove UIDeviceFamily from your Info.plist.

    any help would be great, alright im gonna keep looking for ludei email <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • hollowthreat

    image warning - ignore

    "User supplied UIDeviceFamily key in the Info.plist will be overwritten"

    I guess you changed from "Universal" to "iPhone" or "iPad"? in case of CocoonJS it does not matter - app will be "Universal" anyway

  • szymek

    thanks for reply! i played around with the image issue, even if i manually replace all the icons and launch image in xcode, that issue still remain, so not much i can do except ignore. but i find my app does not have artwork image when i drag my ipa to itunes, that worries me a bit.

    and for the other issue, i didn't change anything on xcode, that issue shows up right after i open the xcode file.

    i've emailed ludei, still waiting for their reply :/

  • hollowthreat

    after submitting to iTunes you will also get warning about Push notifications (or somethinh like that) but that's fine too

    good luck with your submission,

    just remember that:

    "iTunes Connect will be temporarily unavailable from Saturday, December 21, to Friday, December 27, 2013."

    so hurry up (review takes 5-7 working days)

  • szymek

    good to know! its scary to see those warnings, especially for me making my first game. :/

    yeah i'm trying to get this done and submit by weekend, optimizing images for retina ipad or near-retina resolution, i heard they reject non-retina apps?

  • hollowthreat

    relax :) First upload is pain, but later you will see that everything is very easy. About retina: I just do app looking good on 1136x640 and 1024x768

    and no problems. Usually my images are little bigger (not much) and then resized (holding SHIFT key) to fit

  • szymek

    cool, thats my current resolution, look great on iphone5, guess they aren't so restricted for ipads. :)

    thanks again, wish u are working for apple and reviewer for my app, lol

    alright bed time, more image optimization tmr :P

  • hollowthreat

    60% apps on iTunes were never downloaded by users,

    so think about good keywords for your app,

    check competition and so on

  • szymek

    hope im not part of the 60% ;)

    is there a way to see competitions keywords? i tried look up on app store, all i can see is description.

    game marketing is another new area to explore, hmm, wouldn't it be nice to have marketing section on the forum?

  • hollowthreat

    ArcadEd usa paid:

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  • Great! I'll check that out :)

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