CocoonJS V2 and PhoneGap

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  • Hı Friends,

    As you know Ludei announced Cocoonjs 2.0 and we can compille our phonegap/cordova app with cocoonjs. This make me excited so I'm phonegap lover ı can add all ads platform also ı like C2's phonegap plugin. İs anyone know how do we use phonegap and cocoonjs together? so ı cant this yet. For example if ı created my project in eclipse then cocoonjs compille it online? also will it work my android ads or android codes?


  • Up!

  • No, they are different technologies.

  • Let me clarify.

    Phone Gap



    Are all different technologies. While a lot of people think that PhoneGap and Cordova are the same tech they are not. Cordova is a Apache Foundation project that uses bindings to access device hardware.

    PhoneGap was started by another team that used Cordova and made easy packaging. but PhoneGap is not Cordova. Then I believe Intel bought PhoneGap.

    CocoonJS is it's own base browser components. Originally to offer game features and hardware access. However CJS did this on it's own. CJS now also uses Cordova, but there is no information of PhoneGap+CJS.

    Phone Gap and CJS are there own wrappers that both use Cordova. They are not compatible.

  • Just to add extra clarification...

    Apache Cordova is an open source framework as mentioned. PhoneGap was purchased by Adobe in 2011 and uses Cordova as the basis for its technology. AppMobi used Cordova as well in a similar way and was bought by Intel in 2013 and is used for its Cordova build service - hence the multiple android options in the Intel XDK (not really talked about in the forums here but a reasonably good option IMO - still beta, you have to mess with the config.xml like Phonegap, but it's not that hard...).

    If there was a way of accessing these Cordova APIs by executing a JS command from within C2 then we would be able to build mobile apps that could open Facebook or use a device's native share etc. Just a thought from a non-coder...

  • Ludei now runs two parallel projects under the name CocoonJS.

    One is the old CocoonJS renamed Canvas+, the other is an accelerated webview for cordova projects called Webview+.

    Webview+ is a full DOM-Browser embedded inside your app based on chromium project, just like Crosswalk, so even if you manage to export a C2 game to run on Webview+ (I don't know how much efforts this task can request since I didn't bother trying it) you'll get very similar results to those you'll get exporting your game in a breeze with the C2 Crosswalk exporter.

    PhoneGap was started by another team that used Cordova and made easy packaging. but PhoneGap is not Cordova. Then I believe Intel bought PhoneGap.

    I have to correct you.

    Adobe bought phonegap and Intel bought Appmobi.

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  • I stand corrected , Adobe bought PhoneGap. Then who did Intel buyout?

  • Ashley Thanks ı understand.

    jayderyu Thanks for information. I understand well. I want work with eclipse with Cocoonjs performance so ı hope one day Phonegap can be fast as cjs Also ı dont understand though cjs, phonegap and other use cordova. phonegap is worst solution in our hand.

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