CocoonJS now supports HTML5 exportation

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  • Hi Folks!

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    Now testing construct 2 games on mobile is easier than ever. Latest CocoonJS release is now compatible with HTML5 export from Construct2.

    You can find more info in our blog post: head to ludei's developer center and you'll see a new section dedicated to Game engines

    3rd party game engines are becoming more important for us. This is a first step. Remember currently our extensions aren't supported in this export.

    We don't have dedicated people for each game engine, so notice we can take some time updating guides and we can take some time updating stuff.

  • It's a good first step, but I'll continue to use the Open Source CJS plugin until you support the plugin for HTML5 export.

  • Are there advantages to using the HTML5 export over the normal Construct 2 CocoonJS export?

  • I'm also curious to know of any differences between the two export options?

  • They're in beta now, but this is the first step for not to be locked to the plugin. We want to have a uniform look'n feel of you developments. The next step is to have the extensions working in that export.

  • Hey guys! Have you noticed the iOS Game Center is broken when building with 2.0.0 or later? It works fine in 1.4.7 and I was forced to downgrade with my latest Trambo-update.

  • I really love that ludei continues supporting construct2, but i think that it's better to fix the problems in existing features before make new ones.

    Restore purchases doesn't work in android and never worked before. We can't monetize with IAPs without this function so please, fix it!

  • interesting, what kind of extensions?

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  • It sounds like code for there will be a need for a whole new plugin - for C2 users, at least. Unless there will be a simple (non coder friendly) one line javascript way of accessing features like game center and leaderboards etc.

  • Well! Waiting for more update.

  • Whats support in the new version of cocoonjs ?

    it support WebRTC and LetterBox Fullscreen ?????

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