CocoonJS Sound Play Problem (beta r129)

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  • Hi to all,

    i'm trying to export on cocoonJs my early test game, but i'm having problem with audio.

    Before i export on cocoonJs i have re-import againg all the few SFX + one music in WAV format all in the "sounds" folder .. so, in this way, i have for each both .ogg and .m4a files.

    So i export to cocoonJs and build the game on the CocoonJS cloud service site.

    I receive the compiled file then and compile on mac using xcode.

    All ok .. but when i execute on my ipad the example is completely mute.

    I use a simple "Play" command of the music (but i try too to make a preload and play but the same mute effect).

    So i look inside the CocoonJs compiled package and i notice that the SFX and Music files inside are in .ogg format.

    But on mobile devices, the exported files should not be in m4a format?

    Please let me know about how i can solve that.

    Thanks a lot.

    (i'm using latest beta r129)

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  • I just checked and C2 appears to correctly export both the .m4a and .ogg files for CocoonJS. Perhaps you should contact Ludei about this issue.

  • Hi to all, hi Ashley,

    thanks for reply.

    Yes the problem is not the .zip generated by C2 but is in the CocoonJS generated file.

    Anyway after 24 hours i generated again exactly the same file and magically the .m4a files are inside the file too.

    Seems that the problem is a kind of cache system that generate again on server the file previously generated something like that.

    Anyway .. problem solved.

    Thanks too :)

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