Cocoonjs and r131+ crashing with Store Extension?

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  • Hi,

    Is anyone else having problems with CocoonJS premium with Store extension?

    On splash startup the app crashes with "0x3aed1350: blo    0x3aed1368               ; __pthread_kill + 32"

    If I uncheck/remove the Store extension (which is needed for IAP) the app is fine.

    I think it might be a result of the new features added in r131

    1) CocoonJS object: experimental support for Game Center. Currently only supports submitting scores. We haven't been able to fully test it since it seems to only fully work with a published app and not in the CocoonJS launcher, so let us know how it works out for you. Note Game Center is only available on iOS.

    2) CocoonJS object: ability to retrieve a list of all products available for IAP, with their details such as title and localized price.

    3) CocoonJS object: ability to prompt a dialog to get text input. Useful workaround to the text box form controls not working.

    Just want to know if anyone else has the same problem?

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  • If CocoonJS crashes, you should report the problem to Ludei.

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