CocoonJS "Open URL in New Window" problems

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  • I am working to release a game via CocoonJS and ran into a fairly big problem with opening web pages. I am hoping I am just making a silly error, so I thought I'd come here to see if someone else can get it working.

    In short, I am compiling on CJS using Webview+ and want to use the C2 Browser plugin "Open URL in New Window."

    I found that using "Go to URL" uses the entire app as a browser (no surprise here, really), and is really not functional. I figured opening a new window would be better, assuming Safari would pop up with the window I had requested. This, however, does absolutely nothing. Even though Webview+ is a must for my game, Canvas+ doesn't work either (which is confusing, since I remember it working in the past).

    Is anyone else able to open a window in Safari through CocoonJS in Webview+? If so, how are you doing it?

  • Hi Davis, I have the same problem. Were you able to find the fix for this issue? Or found a work around?

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  • Yeah! I am now using the Browser Plugin's "Execute Javascript."

    Then, execute "Cocoon.App.openURL('');"

  • Thanks. I'll try that one out. I'll try to extend Cocoonjs plugin, to trigger this kind of events. It seems we really need to code a few of their features.

  • That would be fantastic. The plugin just has giant holes in it.

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