CocoonJS problem on start game

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  • When i launch game or launch installed APK i dont see even logo C2 just blank screen. What might cause this problem?

    I use only third party plugin: rotate, fade. and three month ago i play on my smartfon, all works fine now i update my game i touch in launcher 'launch current' and i have problem.

    ludei can you do something with this?

  • Hey delgado,

    I've been experiencing lots of problems with Cocoon recently. I've also been getting a black screen, and sometimes the launcher doesn't even start.

    I was thinking it could have something to do with the launch of their updated system at the end of this month (but I don't know that for sure).

  • Blacksmith yeay its true i think, we seen new updates but this cause new problems.


    maybe its problem with my smartphone?

    so if you could please check this apk:

    game apk

  • delgado,

    Happy to help if I can, but I've never installed .apk before, only ever used Cocoon launcher. How do I install and run this file, is it simple to do?

    Let me know and I'll give it a try for you!

    Thanks :)

  • delgado,

    Don't worry, I've found the answer!

    Yes just tried the apk, and I get the Cocoon splash screen, but then just goes to a black screen afterwards.

    I'm using HTC Desire running Android 4.1 :)

  • Blacksmith

    "Yes just tried the apk, and I get the Cocoon splash screen, but then just goes to a black screen afterwards."

    i have this same

  • It?s cause of the logo.png, it doesn?t get right exported.

    C2 tries to get the image from the same folder where the index.html is, but in an app it?s different organized.

    We fixed this with custom loading screens. But I?m sure there is another way to do that.

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  • Darklinki i set loader style to percentage text only and still nothing

  • I've Made some changes in my game, in removed the third party plug-ins and behaviors and finally in cocoon launcher and in installed apk showed up title screen of my game!

    The first thing that has show me, is that game have max 3fps!

    The project now includes plugins and behavior by SCIRRA only

    and physics behavior in one sprite

    I test on Sony xperia S

    I recall that a few months ago, the game reached 35 fps

    is getting worst

    Now that is a tragedy

    ludei i need your attention :)

  • delgado, you've got our attention <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    If you're getting problems and don't want to publish your source code, send us an email to

    Hope we'll be able to help you

  • ludei i send email with my capx source code to you :)

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