CocoonJS Problem with music/sound loading Android

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  • Hello,

    I have a strange problems with CocoonJS music/sound loading on Android telephone. I have tried many variants:

    • Preload of 0,50,100% of my sound/music files
    • Preload (by name) of 0,50,100% of my sound/music files
    • Without preload and preload (by name) of sound/music files
    • Moving background music file inside "Music" folder
    • Moving background music file inside "Sounds" folder
    • Preload of 3-4 important sounds file with preload of background music file
    • Preload of 3-4 important sounds file without preload of background music file
    • Preload of background music file as first file from list
    • Preload of background music file as last file from list


    Every time final result is "Random" loading of music/sound files on Android.

    I found other peoples with the same problem:

    I've been trying my game on using the ludei Android CocconJs launcher on my Samsung GS2.

    I am having similar audio problems as others have described. Sometimes I get audio, other times I don't. Often, I get audio late, e.g. a second or two after the event. (I don't have music.)

    I also had an issue with sounds on Cocoonjs. Music doesn't play, and some sounds only start playing randomly after a period of time.

    I have similar issue that others. The BG music starts, but the Sounds - in my case these are narrations - do not first time. In my stroybook the first time a page is displayed, the narration not starts, but the second time.

    I would like to ask if there is any lenght/size limitation of the sound files? I'll try to preload the sounds...

    I recorded video to show this problem with these settings:

    No matter preloading or not, final result is random loading of music and sound effects.

    YouTube Video:

    Construct 2 r112

    CocoonJS Launcher 1.2 for Android

    Samsung Galaxy W I8150

  • Same problem here and I tried using LG phone and Galaxy Tab and Nexus 7 Tab.. same results as you described. Any luck resolving your issue?


  • I have been experiencing similar issues. The audio just seems inconsistent. It often doesn't play or sometimes it is perfect and I can't work out why.

    One thing I've notice is even when you only compile for Android the APK export still contains .ogg and .m4a files. I've started deleting the oggs from the zip file, which has saved RAM and file size, but doesn't affect the inconsistency of performance.

    It happens even when FPS is quite high and the game is running smoothly. The sound clips are all small (less than 1 sec at 96Kb/sec ), with a maximum of 20 on any one layout).

    Results so far have been the same on:

    Samsung Galaxy S1 and Samsung Mini both running Android 2.3

    Google Nexus 7 running Android 4.2

    HTC Evo running Android 4.0

    ludei, I noticed on your forum back in December you were planning to re-write your audio engine. Please could you give an ETA (or how high it is up your priority list) of when these audio problems are likely to be fixed?

    Our current game, soon to be released, relies heavily on audio, and it really is a priority for us.

    Many Thanks

  • Have you tried contacting Ludei about this? Our audio engine works fine in browsers, so presumably this is a CocoonJS problem that needs to be fixed.

  • Still problems with SOunds... and yes i contected ludei.... i wait for reply 14 dys...

  • Please let us know what they say.

    I'm also having strange problems with sounds. Preloading helps, but it still behaves differently than in browsers. It would be great if Ludei people could provide us with some guidelines for using sounds. It doesn't have to be perfect, but is should be consistent at least. Right now certain things in sound system seem to be happening randomly or against all logic.

  • They say on their forum that the new version of cocoon has a rewritten audio engine so hopefully the audio problems will be solved.

  • My audio file plays fine on browser and cuts off prematurely at the exact same place on Samsung GS3.    ....I will keep searching.   This post has no more replies...I have hope....

  • New audio engine works good on a lot of newer devices.

    Unfortunately it crashed every 2.x device I tried and this is a major issue.

  • I'm having a problem.. when I minimize the game on android and resume it... the background music will be playing twice. Even it I stop all sound ,one of the instances (of the sound) will continue to play.

    Anyone else have this problem?

  • Yes, I think many of us have had that problem. I'm sure Ludei are working on it, as they mentioned on another post that they are fixing bugs in the new audio engine.

  • K.

    We wait the bug fix.

    Meanwhile I will stop the music when on suspended is called ;)

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  • This bug has been around for about >2 years? Hopefully they do finally fix it.

  • Hi, im having same problem with twice playing music. Browser condition "On suspended" doesnt work. I tried everything, stop all sounds, stop taged sound. Mute sound, but nothing doesnt work. This is really bad bug, you cant publish your game, because when user click on some Ads, and than he comeback, the game need restart (because twice music play). Who want to play game with this bugs? Old verion of Cocoon was fine with this bug. Have you any advice on this?

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