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  • Hi, is there some plugin for the CocoonJS actions? The one mantained by Scirra is (understandably) lacking most of the features (like Game Center and advanced option for purchases) is there a plugin already for this thing, is being "under construction" Ashley?

    Otherwise I'll write my own and release it..

  • Well... I think your going to have to write your own. Over at Ludei forums, Ludie is under the belief that it is being maintained by Ashley, and here the impression that the plugin is being maintained by Ludei.

    However there might be a silver lining. With the new GameCenter and IAP for Apple Ash has hinted that there might be some work done on the plugin. Though I still think writing your own might be the way to go.

  • The problem is a general lack of documentation for CocoonJS for instance I can't find anywhere the manual entry for Game Center, I would ask on the forums there but I registered but can't post..

  • I was planning on doing some upgrades to the CocoonJS plugin, and writing more documentation, for the next release or one after. I think Scirra and ludei are both hoping the other will be more proactive in integration because we're both busy, but I will get it done eventually either way!

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  • Kinda off-topic, but I wanted to ask a few questions about CocoonJS and I was wondering how useful it would be if we had a section for "mobile exporting" or something like that in the Forums.

    Usually we get a lot of users asking for stuff about Ludei (and Appmobi/Phonegap), or showing their experiments on exporting to their platform, but then it gets in the middle of the other "general" topics.

    For example, I spent some time yesterday trying to figure out what Cocoon CAN'T do currently: I'm trying to use input box and custom fonts, and felt like it was too specific to ask on any of the current forums.

    Just a suggestion <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Everything CocoonJS can't do is documented here:

  • Ashley

    I hope where u find the time to do so, that the new audio effects can be implemented for cocoonjs.

    It is such a win!

    Kind Regards.


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