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  • > 2. I noticed that there are only 2 apks now; it seems arm7 and x86 builds have been merged. I don't know why this was done, but I would strongly discourage bloating the apk by bundling in both runtimes, or at least make this an option we can disable.


    > For an android user on an x86 platform, this would effectively make my game 250% larger than the platform specific build.


    > On mobile we often go to great lengths to shave of a couple MBs off the final file; it's a trivial process to upload 2 apks vs 1.



    Yes, they should split the file again, because now it's getting size similar to the Intel XDK.

    My game apk size

    Cocoon - before the merge - 15mb

    Cocoon - latest export - 23mb

    Intel XDK - 30mb

    On one export the fps was low, now it's ok, than I got black screen, it's ok now. On one export, the game is fullscreen, but it's scaled up too much, opposite to the problem before. The game is full screen, but I'm seeing just upper left quarter of the game. I'm still doing testing and trying various settings, it's taking a lot of time.

    I would like to hear a word from ludei about this as the main reason why I perfer cocoonjs is cause of the filesize and performance. But now I feel it may not be worth it if the file size is almost on par with intel xdk and scaling being a major issue on tablets and other larger scale devices... not to mention the sound issue....

    Though these will be fixed in official release if the file size is still large... yea,,,,

  • Ive found the problem with black screen after cocoon logo. The physics. Any object with physics in the project causes the problem.

    I tried with a totally new empty project with a single sprite with physics, and the problem is still there. Also tried to switch between Box2D web and Box2D asm.js but nothing.

    Before the update (5 June) the project loads ok.

  • Hi,

    We have fixed the result zip file size. Now when compiling with Canvas+ you'll get just one APK for ARMv7 architectures as Canvas+ does not support x86.

  • Hey ludei how do we fix the screen filling issue? I get roughly 12 instances of my game running on screen. I changed the line in C2's runtime but that didn't help. Any advice you can give me? Thanks!

  • Hi,

    We have fixed the result zip file size. Now when compiling with Canvas+ you'll get just one APK for ARMv7 architectures as Canvas+ does not support x86.

    Great to hear its been changed back and improvements made on performance too

  • ludei have you noticed the problem with physics?

  • I've tried to compile my game a lot of times and all I got is a black screen, tried a lot of settings, disabled webgl, no minify, removed whitelist plugin, removed cordova plugins, removed game physics, zipped in a www folder, without folder, etc and nada...

    In some tests I've got a error that says cordova.js is missing, any help on this?

  • ludei

    Your version code settings is incorrect?

    If I set it to 20004 in the settings. It will generate and show 200042 when I uploaded to Google Play. (it shows 20004 +"2" because it is my second time compilation of apk or something)

    Hope you can fix this. Thanks

  • This is the error i get in the developer app.

    -I've exported with cordova,

    -set minify off

    -deleted the config and intel addition files

    -put everything in a www folder and zipped it(ive also tried it without putting it in a folder)

    -I uploaded to the cocoon site, selected canvas +

    -removed the whitelist plugin(I also deleted all cranberry plugins from my project)

    I don't know where else to go from here. I keep getting a black screen and that error in the debugger.

    Any suggestions

    I'm getting the same thing, did you solve this error?

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  • After a couple days the build for Android just started working. I didn't do anything different. I still haven't been able to get it to work with the developer app however. I still get the same error for some reason. But if I choose regular build it works.

  • Thanks, gonna try with the regular build...

  • thatserafimkid

    The build system constantly updates, so, yeah, sometimes problems can be fixed -- or appear -- just from rebuilding everything.

  • As thatserafimkid said, I could build with a regular build, but have some issues, the game are in low resolution, I think is something with game scale... trying some different settings right now...

    I can't build the developer app, hope they fix it soon.

  • Hi ludei

    This is a bug right ? Can you please fix this ?


  • Yes, that's a bug. That version code in the settings UI just simulates the final version code in the simulation but there's a number missing. We will fix that for the next release. It shouldn't be a problem to publish your app.

    Thanks for the bug report!

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