CocoonJS does not switch layouts?

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  • I have a layout that is a splash screen that is set as the First Layout in the properties. It's supposed to show for 2 seconds and then switch to the second layout. It works fine in the browser preview but it will not work when I use cocoonjs to make an APK and load it into the phone. It shows the first layout and then just a white screen. Anyone have a solution or explanation for this?

  • Have you tried in the CJS launcher app to see if any errors are displayed in the console. Usually a white screen is something not working in CJS such as a plugin. What plugin's do you have in you app?

  • I've never used the launcher app, not sure where to find it. The plugins I'm using is browser, coocoonjs, canvas, sprite text, touch , and webstorage. The game works fine when its just one layout so I don't think it is the plugins. The layout is white so I think that it is just not switching to the second layout. I attached the event sheet for the actions.


  • The launcher app will be on google play store or appstore. It will let you check for any errors. Have you tried using the C2 debug mode and checking something like the Splashdown value isnt changing to 1 before its called the goto layout?

    Otherwise if you can post a CAPX /example CAPX of the same thing someone can have a look to check.

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  • Did you ever find the solution to this issue? I'm having a similar problem on my game

  • dmakinde I did not

  • Perhaps create a custom timer, and use that?

  • tengo el mismo problema, alguien ha encontrado solucion???

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