How does CocoonJS / Ludei make money?

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  • Hey guys, i get good performance with these exports but I'm just worried if there's some sort of money squeeze later when i want to make a release version.

    So does CocoonJS / Ludei make money from some sort of premium compilation services?

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. I know it says on their website that they are a "venture-backed company", just dunno if there are any hidden costs.

  • Currently, I see no way that they make money directly from customers. The initial plan was for them to have premium users who paid money for added functionality like in-app purchases and advertising, but that never happened. Instead, you can apply to be a premium member, state your case (tell them why you want to be a premium member) and if they decide your case is worthwhile, they simply make you a premium member at no cost, with all the benefits.

    This system was originally meant to test their premium functionality, but it seems like it never really got any further than that.

    About a year ago they received a large injection of cash which I can only assume they've been living off since. They might be licensing out their systems or making money some other way, but, like everything else with Ludei, nothing is clear.

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  • I think right now they are just trying to spread their brand, which is why we can't remove the Ludei splash logo from our published games. I'd be happy to pay for removal of that, but it seems they are not ready for that yet. Similar to how you can use the free version of Unity to publish games, but it will have the Made With Unity logo on startup.

  • Very interesting guys, thanks for your help, I too would gladly pay to have that Ludei logo removed, or just shortened so it only comes up for 1 or 2 seconds and that's it, just like some games put Havok physics logo before their games, it only displays for a very short time.

    I have been able to add my own splash image before the Ludei logo is shown, but my splash is shown for a disproportionately short time in comparison.

    However, performance wise on Android i still get highest FPS via cocoonJS, my game gets 58-60-fps, while my export via Intel IDX Crosswalk i only get about 45-fps average, I know it's still in Beta, but that's lowsy performance in comparison -> 25% worse!!

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  • They don't make any money. They are a start up, they are living off investment rounds from VCs. They are looking to get bought out or to find a full time investor until they can become cash positive.

    The only way they will do that is off of cuts from IAPs I feel. I think they would be better off just selling CocoonJS as a standalone app or at a cheap subscription.

    We are not their target audience, right now the target audience is investors or buyers, which is why they don't seem to move to quick when we report issues.

  • fair enough, so they're hoping to chuck an Oculus Rift and get bought out by Bookface lol

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