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  • Hi all,

    I am working on a android game. I use Ludei to convert it into a apk.

    However my numbers(score, time etc) are higher then that I placed them.

    For example its not in the middle of my hud but more on top. But in preview browser it is good.

    My second problem is that when starting up the app i get a splash screen from Ludei. The problem with it. It's starts to flash/blink at the end and then I see my game. How do I stop it from flashing?

    I hope you all can help me.


  • Nobody has any suggestion? Am i the only one with this problem?

  • Furdy,

    I'm not sure about the positioning issue but we have also experienced the flashing/blinking ludei screen.

    Check the debug information. You may need to remove any plugins that you are not using. There are a few other posts regarding this.

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  • Thank you I will try that. I hope to hear something about the positioning problems.

  • So I used debug from cocoonjs laucher and get this warning

    not found getelementbyid: c2canvasdiv.

    The out of positioning of numbers is also in the cocoonsj launcher app.

    Does somebody have an idea how to get rid of the flashing and the out of position of the numbers?

  • I've sometimes found that the Layer ScaleRate and Parallax settings can determine whether an object appears in the 'wrong' place, even if no zooming or scrolling has taken place in the game. Might be worth a look....?

  • Well the issue is it only happens when using cocoonjs. Preview browser is fine. It also happens on different layouts. Since there isn't a solution Ill just position them different so in Cocoonjs it looks good and the rest wrong.

    Simwhi can you point me to these other posts about the flashing Ludei splash screen so I can fix it.

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