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  • Hello everybody,

    I decided to go with CocoonJS for my next game, but I cant seem to get the IAP system working on Android (I haven't tested IOS yet). So I was hoping that one of you might be kind enough to assist me, since I am becoming more and more desperate. Here is the issue:

    Every time my beta tester tries to purchase something, the payment process successfully goes through and my beta tester gets charged, but still the "on payment failed" event from the cocoonjs plugin gets triggered in my game. So instead of receiving the coins he paid for, he gets nothing and the money is gone too.

    Here is a quick screenshot from my event sheet, i blurred out all the unimportant parts:

    Some background details: My google play developer account is all set up, so is my Ludei account. The IAPs are unmanaged in the google developer console since they are consumables, on my Ludei developer console all the necessary boxes are ticked, i also linked my google developer key under my Ludei account and so forth. In Construct 2 the store mode is "managed" for the Cocoonjs plugin and I tried with either sandbox mode enabled and disabled. I am using Construct R200 and the Cocoonjs plugin on github, so everything all up to date.

    My second issue is that I cant seem to get the "consume purchase" event to work properly. Since my IAPs are consumables I want to offer the possibility to purchase them multiple times. But when I want to set up the event, the Cocoonjs plugin asks me for a "transaction id"? Anybody knows what that is? I tried to google it, but i wasn't able to find anything.

    Any help is highly appreciated, thank you =)

  • Hello,

    About the first issue, we will have a look at it. In any case, please, do not use the unmanaged method in the plugin unless you are capable of create your own verification method.

    About the second one, there are some expressions you can use:


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  • ludei

    Thank you.

    I got it working. It was actually my fault for having and old google developer public key attached to my Ludei account. Anyway, everything is working now and products can be purchased multiple times =)

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