CocoonJS IAP Checklist

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  • I test the purchases item works,but I can't restoring purchases date.How do you restoring purchases and check them?

  • did you get it working i have it working on ios if any one needs help but i havent got a android device to test android ones on


    Could you write a small step by step on how you got it working? that would be a tremendous help.

  • yeah sure ill get it done for later

  • Nofish

    hope this helps mate let me know how you get on

    <img src="" border="0">

    bigger pic

    also make sure when testing on your device you are not signed into the app store as it will cause the purchase to fail you need to make a app store test account   

    to test in app purchases out on

    this is my app made a couple of days ago with both types of in app purchases working in it

  • cvp

    do you know how to set it up in itunes and that what part you stuck on

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  • Uk4dee thx for the post (to Nofish). Helped me alot on the way.

    Another question though. Whenever you purchase a product you set the global variable "premium" to 1.

    How do you check when the app starts up a second time, if the product is already purchased? Do you persist the value of the premium variable?

    ....nevermind found out you can check if it has been purchased.

  • Uk4dee

    Thanks for reply. Uk4dee!

    I found sould set the stroe mode to Managed then can received the PURCHASES data.

    Oh no! I only success one time. Still can't store the purchased data

  • I'm tearing my hair out here :/

    Created a test based on the checklist here, and tried both Android and Apple. It's taken me days of experimenting and reading. Managed to get a purchase to happen, but the product purchased check does not work, which makes it unusable.

    I'm stuck telling my client I cannot do in-app purchases, which is really embarrassing.

    Is there anything I can do to work around the problem? Via plug-in?

    Ashley, what is the status with this? - it's clearly an important issue for many of us (the number of views on this thread are huge :).

    Cheers, Anthony.

  • i can confirm that in app purchases are working on ios i have apps in the app store that are live and working now

  • cvp sorry i forgot to add this in to the pic what i would do is to

    on purchase successful - set premium to 1


                             set a web storage value example (premium)

    then on the first screen of the app

    on start of layout if web storage value exists (premium) set premium to 1

    this way you wont have to enter your user and pass all the time

  • nofish i dont understand what you are trying to store or what youa re trying to do check my last post about webstorage that may help you

  • I stuck on 'restore purchases' and 'on purchase complete' not work for me although the puchases can success.

    And I only test the Non-Consumable in sandbox.When purchase a second time.It will tip you alredy purchased then purchase failed. And 'restore purchase' seem not restore again.

    I just want test if I uninstall the game (the webstorage will be delete).And reinstall game to restore purchase data.(purchase again will failed).

  • The only thing I can say is email me the .capx n ill have a look for you my emai is uk4

  • Hi All, can someone plz confirm that IAPs work in the latest version of CJS and C2? I've followed all the instructions, but my purchases seem to constantly return failures.

  • Uk4dee

    Hi! Uk4dee,Finally I got the IAP and purchased store works. Thanks!

    I have a question what to do with "Is prudoct purchased"?

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