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  • I have update my version now it 124 but again I got the same isseus can you share a test .capx file which is working perfectly

    (when I touched the button it should go to google play store but right now itz not working how to do this please help me )

  • I can only confirm for iOS, I will get a friend to try android later this week (if i get time).

    Sorry I can't help further, when i get some more spare time i will make a test IAP capx but really its more likely something outside of the capx that's wrong.

  • labithiotis thanks for answering,

    bon4ire do you have any idea about this I think you have to tested it on android phone so I think you have solution of this question what u think

    if yes then please share test .capx file

  • When I click the buy button it show a popup that show me buy or no thanks

    option When I click to buy button it close my application (game).

    so is there any solution ?

  • labithiotis,

    you have done it on iOS right?

    I have an query for ios after conversion from cocoonjs it gave us a Project.xcodeproj folder. how to use it in that folder have appData and project.xcworkspace folder and project.pbxproj file

    do you have any idea how to use it. in my iphone

  • So does IAP with cocoonjs work in c2 or not?

  • Yeah I'd love to know how you have got this working, and are you actually successfully purchasing or is it just kinda working?

  • Did you use the signature for your app from the Google developer console? It would be under Services & API's. You take that entire string and enter it in the CocoonJS compiler in In-App Purchases --> Configuration.

    Then click the Extensions tab check the 'store' box.

    Compile it, sign it and upload to Google play.

    Lastly, the app has to be live on Google Play.

    Now, it works to the point where you can purchase. A screen comes up and asks if you want to purchase. After purchase the screen goes away and that's about it.

    The verification flags to pass onto C2 to see if an item is already purchased, needs refund, date of purchase etc. is not currently working.

    Right now there seems to be a tug of war going on. Ashley mentioned he implemented the cocoonjs code for IAP and is waiting for Ludei to instruct how to use it.

    Ludei on the other hand keeps pointing to their IAP wiki reference as instructions of how to use it in their forum. It's useless to us C2 folks since we can't access the info in C2 format.

  • So close to so much win.

  • Damn man this is so close to being absolute genius. It's a must to have fully integrated IAP on android and apple. My game should be done in a few weeks and I really hope this is in place by then. Fingers crossed. My game resurrects the almighty kitten cannon! Awesome 60fps on Iphone Oooohhh yeahhhhhh

  • Hold on so does the full process work on ios including notifications back to c2? I.e is it just android that isn't fully working yet?

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  • Hi bon4ire

    I doing the same process but not getting any success so please tell me whatz issue. I m tell u about my process which I m doing .

    I Have a primum account in cocoonjs and I have add all the informetion which I have given on google play store.

    Following details on cocoonjs.

    Alias : marutidemo

    Android Product ID :android.marutidemo

    Type: NC

    Title: marutidemo

    Description fighting game

    and my google play details:

    marutidemo -android.marutidemo

    Android Product ID :android.marutidemo

    Title: marutidemo

    Description : fighting game

  • rob I forgot to mention, to test a purchase a different account other than the developer's must be used. Ask a friend if they can download it for you.

  • Does the full process work on ios including notifications back to c2 that the purchase was a success?

  • Screw it, I'm just launching. Waited months for this and not waiting anymore. Just going to finish my current project and make it free then change to a different platform. C2 is great but if you want to make enough money to make games for a living, unless you sell the game, C2 just doesn't cut it. New features constantly coming in which is cool but really if IAP just worked more people would make decent money, which means more commercial license purchases, which means more money for Scirra and then new feature development will be easier.

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