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  • I managed to implement leader boards and achievements into my game. The achievements are working fine but I've found that the leader board scores are not updating. I reach a higher score then before, but it's only showing my original submission. I tried refreshing the leaderboard manually but it did nothing. I'm not sure what's going on and I was wondering if anybody else has encountered the same problem? Perhaps I am missing a step. At the end of the level, it simply submits a new score, waits a second, then displays the leaderboard. I've checked the leader board ID's and know it's the new score being submitted. But yay... nay.

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  • Have you tried receiving support from Ludei? Oh wait, they dropped CocoonJS like a bad habit! Haha.

    Anyways, try the transition to Cocoon.IO. The community over there will most likely be of more help.

  • I switched to and I have the same issue. What if this a problem on googles end? Has anybody ever experienced this problem in general? Submitting a score to google leaderboards and not being able to update it with a higher score.

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