CocoonJS and CS2

  • I recently got in contact with Ludei as I was having problems testing a game I created on CS2 with CocoonJS launcher on Android.

    This was the error:


    He/She then responded with:

    Are you using physics on your game? We've detected some issues with the lasts versions of Construct2, because the export overrides some of our custom physics extension.

    Please, confirm this issue for further investigation.

    and then:

    The problem is related to Construct 2 export, what is out from our goals.

    Ask at Scirra forums, because Ludei can do nothing to improve that.

    So here I am, so games with physics is not capable with CocoonJS? Then what else is there to use for mobile(android) developement?

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  • Please make a post to the Bugs forum so we can properly investigate this. As a workaround, insert the CocoonJS object and switch the physics engine to standard web-based.

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