Many CocoonJS Crashes

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  • Hello folks,

    Basically, any small game I make, 1 layout, not much happening, very simple "move the thing around" style thing works flawlessly, with no problems at all and doesn't crash even after hours of running.

    Anything else I make, ie; game with many things in 1 layout or multiple layouts can and will crash at random, sometimes after a few seconds, sometimes not at all! No specific event or action seems to cause it, just the general running of the game.

    This is happening with zip files run via the launcher, Debug Signed APK files as well as full signed production builds. Also Game file size doesn't seem to affect it (2mb will crash just as much as 20mb).

    Noticing a pattern emerging here with games kicked out with CocoonJS for Android. The more things you add, the more likely it is to crash.

    Obviously this is a real problem, so, is there some specific setting or event series that causes this sort of thing? Does it happen to everyone? Should I be using PhoneGap instead of CocoonJS or some other compilation method?

    Cheers, Matt

  • Also along the same lines, I have tried to build with Phonegap but none of the "Fullscreen in Browser" settings seem to work properly for me.

    Either the game is scaled up offscreen or scaled down to a tiny window in the top corner, all settings produce a variation on that theme.

  • for a few thousand downloads I got only a few crash reports on Google Play dashboard

    maybe you have too many apps in memory?

    maybe you should kill some tasks?

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  • It's probably crashing because it's running out of memory. Cocoonjs has yet to implement layout by layout loading, so it tries to load everything at once, making cocoonjs unsuitable for large games at the moment.

  • Aye it could well be that! Thanks folks!

    The other problem I'm facing now is getting PhoneGap to kick out a playable build, the builds with CocoonJS using "Fullscreen - Scale Outter" have been perfect apart from being unstable, however under PhoneGap at least 30% of the screen is cut off at any one time, regardless of scale method (or the window is tiny and locked to top right)... which is always fun.

    Kicked out Phonegap builds using every Fullscreen setting but achieving very similar results all round, so open to ideas on that one.

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