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  • Hi guys,

    Can someone give me an updated not compatible list for the most recent version of CocoonJS? or is the below still true? ... o-cocoonjs


    The following features are not supported in CocoonJS. If any of them are used, Construct 2 will print a message to the debug log saying that they are not supported.

    The form control plugins Textbox and Button are not supported.

    The XML object is not supported.

    The Facebook object is not supported.

    The letterbox fullscreen modes are not supported. If they are selected, it will fall back to 'Scale outer' mode instead.

    The Text plugin's 'Set web font' action is not supported.

    The WebStorage plugin's session storage is not available. Use local storage or global variables instead."

    Specifically I want to know if the facebook object is supported now?

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  • Hi guys,

    So I posted this same question at ludei support -> ... -202375216

    Their answer was quite interesting.

    "Our latest FB extension has the same signature as the official one.

    Can't confirm if FB works perfectly. We're still working to have the extensions working out of the box in construct2 without any modifcation."

    So I guess I'll give a test when I get chance, but this sounds like positive progress.

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