CocoonJS C2 103.2, No Sprites

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  • OK, this one has me stumped. First off, sorry for not posting a CAPX, this is a fully completed game that is already on some portal networks, so I am a little reluctant to post it.

    The game works fine with. HTML5 all browsers, PhoneGap, Awesomium, and it has even been tested with AppMobi SDK.

    The game is here to get a sense of the problem.

    The problem I am having with Cocoon is when I pick a level and the main game is launched, non of the sprites, or text (words at the bottom) show up. I can click on areas that the letters would be, and the sounds activate. All you see is the background image.

    I don't know if something is happening with my code that isn't happening anywhere else, or it's just some weird combination of things. It's not like the game is freezing because I can still click on stuff and hear the sounds, but nothing happens. Even if I click the L for level select area (I can hear the sound) it doesn't go back to the level select screen.

    Any advice?

  • Hmm. Actually it's doing it two of my games I have tested it on.

    Same thing. Title screen is fine, when I press play I get just the background on the next screen.

  • OK, I think it's related to the sprite font plugin. I tried 3 games I have using it and they all do the same thing once there is a page using sprite fonts. I tried a game with no sprite fonts at all and it works fine. I'll update the sprite font thread.

  • I had the same thing. Spritfont causes CocoonJS to crash.

    I sent Ludei samples and emails about it - also had a discussion with Mippey (spelling?) about why it crashes cocoon and he is stumped.

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  • Thanks. I hope someone is able to get it fixed because sprite font is such a needed plugin for most of my games

  • nice game sir...

  • Thank you.

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