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  • Hi, I am currently having some troubles integrating ads into my game, and maybe someone went through this already and can help me.

    I am using Construct r140, and a CocconJS compiled and signed Android versions of my game (not in the launcher).

    Here are some of the troubles I have:

    • On MoPub I have set up a costume Backfill Campaign (100%Fillrate) for a fullscreen interstitial ad. The problem is, that I can only show it once per game session, I have to restart the game to show it again, and it does not show at all on my Nexus4.(Shows once on my NexusS and GalaxyNote1) -> I tried to Refresh and Reload the Ad, but it does not help.
    • BannerAds show up on all my Devices but when I hide the BannerAd, it will show again when it refreshs after 60 seconds and tints the screen of my NexusS black with the banner Ad on top(no black screen on the Nexus4)
    • The MoPub layout is differnt from its documentation and the CocconJs documentation. I would like to include AdColony as a costume Network, but do not know where to enter the values from the CocconJs documentation: <font size="2">Interstitial:com.mopub.mobileads.AdColonyInterstitial Fill the ?data? textarea with {"zoneId": "your zone id here", "appId": "your app id here"}</font>
    • The Ludei Splash Screen is flickering on all of my Devices before the game starts. Is there a work around for this ?

    Would be great if someone could help!

    Thanks a lot !

  • I am having the exact same problems with the ads now. Hoping for a response as well.

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  • Once you call in a banner Ad via CocoonJS you cannot hide it again, every refresh, it pulls a new Ad from the MoPub server and displays it.. even if you tell it to hide, it will display it for 1 frame then hide it.

    This gives you a false CPM rate and if your App start to generate lots of revenue, MoPub will NOT be happy once they try your app and see that behavior.

    Hopefully Crosswalk will support AdMob soon.

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