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  • I included the CocoonJS Ads object and on my title screen added the event to load banner, bottom center. Easy enough.

    When I compile the game and test it on my devices it hangs right as the loading screen hits 100 percent. Figuring it was something to do with Ads, I removed the Ad object, recompiled and everything worked great.

    Question, would this be a Ludei support question, or Contruct?

    I am a premium member of Cocoon, fyi.

    Thanks again for all the support either way :)

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  • It would be best to contact ludei about this issue.

  • I cant seem to find this said CocoonJS Ads object?? Where in the world is it? Ive been trying to solve this for a mont now and nobody seems to answer anuthing. Ive even contacted Ludei in this matter and in the end they just directed me to Scirra Forums..

  • L3mon - it's now just called the "CocoonJS" object. This thread is out of date because it's from 2012.

  • I see. What I used in one of my project is On start of layout -> Show CocoonJS ads bottom center. I did this on my first (main menu) layout. And it did work sometimes but it made my game lag a lot in the beginning. Sometimes to the point where android said that the app is not responding and asking if I want to quit or wait. Is the "On CocoonJS ads available" still in Construct? And what is the ideal way to show CocoonJS ads properly? Oh and Im making my games for android.

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