CocoonJS 1.4.3 is Live

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  • Not sure if it's been posted or not.


    Still no OUYA which really sucks.

    Any idea if the C2 plugin needs to be updated?

  • Yep, no Ouya..... I'm very very sad. They have shown much faster support for other platforms that came after. i'm very unhappy about the situation.

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  • Yeah, I'm getting a bit annoyed with Cocoon as a whole. Seems like C2 is kind of getting forgotten with Cocoon. I'm strictly switching to Ejecta for iOS. I just wish there was something similar for Android and OUYA.

    I mean I understand it's free right now, but I would gladly pay a yearly fee to use it if that meant faster updates and more features.

  • I'm curious to try this out, but it's not been updated in the GooglePlay store yet, and I'm not sure about other ways to acquire this update!

  • The only thing i'm waiting for in CocoonJs is the layout by layout loading, it will be a revolution if one day it's available :)

  • This is for Android users.

    Well i teseted the new custom launcher... boy was it a search around the website. To get it you need to login to the Cloud Compiler; which by the way isn't easy to find either.

    One there create a new project and create a new launcher with your settings. You will need to login with the new launcher.

    So I put the signed version APK onto the my Ouya.

    and Boo'uya. It actually ran. I was able to use over WiFi preview too boot.

    Unforuntally my own game I've been working on bugged out. Claims it's the Physics behaviour.... so I removed it as it was only remaining due to legacy reasons. didn't work... but yes. it actually worked on the Ouya..

    ok the down side. it seems the Focus of the application is still on the CocoonJS top let button and not the game :(

  • 1) I bugged Ludei about banner issue, they replied (22hrs ago) that they will check

    2) Ashley are there any differences in CocoonJS plugin between stable r139 and the latest beta?

  • jayderyu

    My games have actually ran fine on OUYA with CocoonJS builds in the past, I just didn't have controller or IAP support.

    All we really need is those 2 things.

  • Your did.... well mine doesn't :(   bah :( for me CocoonJS would just crash. Couldn't even load anything :(

    seriously Ludie support is really starting get on my nerves :|

  • So sad that "full" Ouya support still isn't here. It's the main reason why I still haven't brought the console and pushed back my Ouya-exclusive "Alien Crusader" game to next year. Hoping they can still give us Ouya support before the end of this year.

  • Nice! I'm hoping the next update includes iOS7 controller support.

  • Well, I've tried it, and I get a crash relating to "_Freecache" or something (which is related to physics also I think). Boooooooooooooooo

  • just noticed an OUYA export option in the Cocoonjs cloud compiler. Is this what we've been waiting for?

  • Yup, that's pretty awesome. Now all we need is the plugin for CocoonJS updated for the inputs to work and in app purchases on OUYA. Or at least directions on how to do it :).

    Just looked further, no option for OUYA app store yet in the compiler, just to compile for OUYA.

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