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  • I know there have been so many Cocoon queries... sorry to add to that.

    Just wondering, has anyone noticed a drop in performance with Cocoon recently? A few weeks ago, I could play my game with CocoonJs 1.4 at around 50fps. This is pretty good, I thought.

    The only change I've made recently, is replacing sprites with smaller file size versions, and tweaked the main menu, but when I try it today on r148, I'm suddenly getting 15fps.

    I've since gone in and tried to improve the game by tweaking bits here and there, such as reducing the number of on-screen sprites, but that hasn't helped at all.

    Just wondering, as the only thing I can see that's changed is the Construct version. I didn't think changing sprite graphics would cause such an issue.

    Anyone else?

  • C2 148 does drop performance it cocoonjs but its beta it will most likly be fixed when the next C2 stable comes out if you dont want to wait till then just downgrade construct back to the last stable version

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  • That's kind of a relief. Strange that I hadn't read much about that lately. Maybe I've just been missing it. Hope this does get fixed. My game is finished now, ready for release.

  • AnD4D volkiller730

    Slow performance in IOS or Android ?

    version 1.4.5(IOS) or 1.4.4(Android) ?

  • tumira


    1.4.5 (iOS) and 1.4.4 (Android).

  • We haven't made any changes in Construct 2's engine that would have a big effect. I think you should ask Ludei about this.

  • Thanks Ashley,

    Slightly worried again now. I haven't made any significant changes to my code. When I'm not using physics, I'm getting 60fps, but as soon as a level with physics is introduced, fps just drops down to 15. It's unusual to think that it was fine a few versions back, and as far as I know, Cocoon hadn't changed during that time.

    I'm afraid I'm not very interested in contacting Ludei. Unlike you, they take a very long time to respond to questions, and when they do it's usually "Works fine for us".

    I note that you're interested in doing your own Chrome based wrapper. Is there anyway we can help toward that, even help fund that? For example, if you were to start a Kickstarter or even an inhouse donation system, I'd happily throw some money into a pot, and I'm sure some others would too.

    Unfortunately, I'm currently not too willing to upgrade to a business license until we have a decent mobile exporter, but I would be willing to buy or pre-order an exporter.

  • well if it was working in the last stable build why dont you go back to that till whatever the problem is gets fixed if your waiting to release your game i think that would be a better option for u

    Edit: i had this problem but in the newest beta my framerate has improved back to normal you should test it out maybe it will do the same for you

  • I second the interest in funding a proper (and supported) mobile wrapper. Anyone else?

  • volkiller730

    Yeah, this is much faster now. The only thing that's odd now, is that I have a timer that is counting down, and physics that runs at framerate independence. When the game does lag, the physics slows down, but the timer just continues as normal.

    Strange... Not sure how to fix that one.

  • I think my problems might be solved if I could just get the accelerated physics to work. Each time I try, the menu runs fine, but as soon as I load a level with physics my game sort of hangs. I check the errors in the console, and I see:

    JavaScript Exception (Line: 6831 Tag: 'requestAnimationFrame'): TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'this.body.GetMass()')

    I waited a short while, typing the message on my keyboard, and suddenly the music started. I looked back at the console, and I see:

    JavaScript Exception (Line: 6831 Tag: 'onactivated'): TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'this.body.GetMass()')

    Are these issues with my code, Construct 2, or CocoonJS?

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