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  • So I would like IAP + ads, gameservices(leaderboards, achievements.

    I know for a fact these are all possible with cocoon js. But now I read scirras update notes and it basicly says you shouldn't use cocoon js.

    So can I do all these things with crosswalk then? What are the real benefits chosing crosswalk instead of cocoon js? I know crosswalk only supports android 4 or up so that kinda sucks. But I hear everyone is so excited about it. So can somebody plz give me an answer

    Thank you for any help.

  • I know crosswalk only supports android 4 or up so that kinda sucks.

    re you that worried about ~12% of devices on the market? ... index.html

  • Hmm well I didnt know that number was so low. So thats no problem. But what are the advantages of crosswalk and can I do all these things with crosswalk. Thank you for your response

  • I would say the benefits of crosswalk are

    1) it official supported by scirra(Ashley)

    2) just read Ashley's reason it's a full browser so support is alot easier and more features can and will be supported

    3) supported with phonegap plugins

    4) many more reasons just look around the forums and you will see

    one downside is gameservices(leaderboards, achievements. is now currently working that i know of but from what ive seen around the forums i think they're working on it and it should (hopefully) be coming soon

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  • So achievements and leaderboards is not yet available. Is there en ETA on that. Like expected in 3 months or.. 6 months or 1 month. Store and ads are working I assume then? How are the experiences with fps compared to cocoonjs?

  • The problem is not only about android version! I tried Crosswalk on mediatek devices and was a "one frame per second" result.

    And believe me... Mediatek chipset is a growing market

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