non-debug version gives parser error

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  • I am using canvas+ with cocoon.IO , It generated two files one for debug version and other non signed apk. When i deploy it inside my mobile the non-signed.apk does not works and gives parser error , there was a problem parsing the package... the debug version of apk runs fine and install successfully. Secondly it generates only arm version not x86 through compilations..

  • Cocoon doesn't support x86 (which is around 1.5% of tablets). To run your apk, you will have to sign and align it. After you align it, make sure that you don't change the name or anything as that can cause parsing errors. Good luck!

  • In case you didn't know, this is a good tutorial and a great tool to sign apks: ... pk-signer/

  • big Infinity thanks for your reply , if suppose i would like to support x86 architecture as well but since cocoon speed is very well so i am not interested in XDK, what would you suggest me in order to have both of them? Do i need to build x86 on XDK and arm64 on

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  • I don't know if that would work as I hear that you can't switch between the two on the appstores. The x86 processors are only about 1.5% of devices so I don't mind that cocoon doesn't work on them. For me, performance is most important and canvas+ in cocoon gives me that. If you must export to both then xdk is probably the way you want to go. The best performance xdk export I found was here: but I could never find out how to lock orientation or get music to play. XDK just turned out to be too much trouble for me to deal with.

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