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  • I've been at this battle for days.

    I cannot get fullscreen ads to show more than once a session.

    Here is my game setup.

    Title Screen

    Level Select

    Main Game

    Take note that I have tried this every way I can think of to make it fire a second time. Here is my code on my level select layout. The code works, but only the first time.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Then for testing, I added this code to my Main main layout.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Now, I compile the game with Cocoon. I know all the settings are right because the ad does come up once. I install the apk on my device and watch the debug log in eclipse with my device plugged in. Everything works great, initially.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    That's it. The information in the debug should be happening when ads are closed or every 120 seconds of the main game, but it's not. Even when I back out to Title screen and back to level select, it doesn't fire to launch a new ad.

    Now I realize my level screen code is strange only giving a 1 second time for the user to select a level, but this is just for testing. I've tried it multiple ways (on start of layout, etc).

    I'm going to send this to Ludie as well, as I don't know where the issue lies.

  • I'm getting the same thing as well, not sure why. Every once in a while the full screen ad does show up for me, but not most of the time (even when it does say "interstial loaded" in logcat)

  • Q1: do I need new AdMob to get interstitials? (just curious)

    Q2: did you try preload ad on title screen and then just use "on start layout" on level layout?

  • 1. No, this confused for me a long time. You just setup a site on admob, doesn't matter if it defaults to banner. Then setup a fullscreen ad with mopub and link it to admob with the admob PubID. That was all it took. Of course you need to go through the process of setting up the CJS Cloud compiler to use the ads.

    2. I preload ads on the title screen start of layout

    I should also note, this is not just an admob problem. It does the same thing with GreyStripe and AdColony.

    So I don't know if it's a C2 thing, a CJS Plugin or CJS itself that is causing the issue. It's annoying and makes fullscreen ads pretty much pointless.

  • Did you tried to refresh ad before showing, every time after the first preload? I had the same problem, and modified some code on the cocoonjs plugin, but in the end my events are like that: on the start of title layout check if already preloaded, if not, preload, else, refresh the ad. Then, when the user touch the start button check if ad is ready and show the ad, else go to game layout.

    If refreshing not help, I'll try to create a plugin with my modified code to show what I did.

  • I'll try that and report back. Thanks.

  • Full screen ads were giving me a problem when I was doing my project. I tried most of the networks in mopub and Chartboost worked the best for me.

    In C2, I preload the full screen ad on start of layout and when the user leaves the layout I show the ad.

  • What's new in Construct 2 R146:

    Bug Fix: CocoonJS plugin: 'Refresh fullscreen ad' action didn't work

    so wguilhermino idea sounds good

  • Yup, getting much better luck using the refresh ad. Now, do I still need to Show Full Screen Ad, or does the refresh actually show an ad as well?

    In other words, the first time the layout loads I am preloading and then showing the ad. The next time i want to show an ad, do I just use Refresh Full Screen ad, or do I Refresh and then Show again?

  • ArcadEd, it looks like your first event is running every tick. Add a 'trigger once' bellow it, time the event, or simply preload the ads on start of layout.

    I haven't played with cocoon but usually if something runs once it'll have an arrow at the beginning of the event.

  • Thanks, I did fix that once my app crashed the first time, I noticed the problem there. That didn't fix the issue with ads not loading though.

    What I am doing now is just refreshing the ads every 60 seconds globally in the app. Then whenever I go back to level select, it loads up the ad that has been refreshed. I'm guessing the preload only works for the initial load of an ad, then refresh loads in a new ad and gets it ready. At least that is kind of what debug is telling in eclipse.

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  • What I did above worked. So in a nutshell.

    On start of first layout, preload ad.

    Show that ad when you want. If you want to show another ad at another time, use Refresh Ad to gather a new ad and then show it when you want.

    Hopefully that makes sense :).

  • ArcadEd

    Thanks for info,

    good luck and remember to post - after some time - some general info about eCPM for fullscreen ads

  • szymek

    Here are some stats from a full day (yesterday).

    Let's Spell and Word Search are both running Banner ads and were built using phonegap through eclipse. I manually added in the admob sdk.

    Let's spell has 14,000 active installs and Word Search as 16,000 to give you an idea.

    Word Search 2 is just running admob interstitial ads through mopub/cocoonJS. It has about 1,000 active installs currently.

    883 Requests

    $1.35 revenue

    $1.56 eCPM

    Right now it's working ok, much better than greystripe. Once I have a full month of it running, I can give some better numbers.

  • ArcadEd

    Maybe you could use banner for 90% time and call fullscreen 10% (for example: when going back to menu and so on)

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