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  • I have updated to the new Release R130

    I updated the game very nicely and it worked like a charm in facebook but when i try to run the app with cocoonjs launcher. It hangs randomly.

    Each time if i retry the bar raises a little bit more.

    This happens with Android and iOS CocoonJS App, the same .zip file.

    I tried with downgraded version of the game, i guess v126 that i didnt touch and it hangs, the game is quite smaller, so at the second re try it woreked in also iOS and Android.

    Any coment?

  • Are you using any third party plugins?

  • Sorry, it's probably something else causing this because I'm on the latest beta (R130) and my game exports are working fine in CocoonJS!

  • BluePhaze: Nope, just the Construct

    Rory: Must be something else, it doesnt load the game, says something with the Download time, it happens in the download phase, not the uncompress and execute phase... i will keep Trying

  • The problem has to do something with my servers cause no one from our side has touched a thing and IT IS WORKING NOW!

  • Arcanebits,

    Having same problems with the CocoonJS Launcher!

    I've tried launching projects made with r128.2, and it just exits. But when I try launching a project made in r116, it works fine?

    Not sure what's going on, I tested these same projects only yesterday and they were okay (haven't made any changes since then).

    I did have a similar problem when CocoonJS launcher stopped working a few days ago. I tried it again next day and it was all fine again. I'm just hoping the same applies this time!

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  • BlackSmith:

    In my case, I did nothing and it works the next day.

    Other workaround when the CocoonJS hangs is its DELETE CACHE, and force to close the app.

    Another thing that may be obvious but i learned the hard way: Before launch cocoonjs launche double check that you are conected and WELL conected to WIFI, i have discovered thar cocoonJS launcher its quite sentitive to response from the servers

    Hope this helps somehow!

  • Arcanebits,

    Useful advice, thank you!

    Cocoon has been acting up for the last few days now, I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the update they're scheduled to release at the end of this month?

    I guess I'll know soon enough!

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  • If you use physics in CocoonJS, it's pretty buggy in r130. We reverted to the older engine in r131 though so that might work better.

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