'Close browser' not working with NW.JS export on Mac

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  • Hi, not sure if anybody can help me with this.

    I've exported my game to NW.JS on a PC and transferred the build over to a Mac. I had issues getting it to run (as have many other devs historically) so I used the method of copying the Resources folder of my build into a new nw.js app downloaded to the Mac as detailed by Ashley here.

    This works fine and dandy, my app runs great and everything's gravy. Except one thing: "Close browser" doesn't work properly. It does not close the app, it just causes it to go to a white screen and then do nothing.

    This means my game cannot be exited using nothing but a controller, which is a requirement for passing QA on Steam. Unless I can solve this issue, I will have to scrap my plan of launching on Mac - so I'd really appreciate some help with this. I'm supposed to have the build done and sent off by the end of next week...

    Sorry to ping you Ashley, but, any ideas why this is happening ?? Is there a flag I can set somewhere, or something?


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  • Hello? Anybody home?

    I've looked into this at length, but I could really really use some help Ashley - if you wouldn't mind.

    I know c2runtime calls window.close(), and it seems as though the program closes but the window doesn't - or something. I've done a lot of Googling and tried experimenting with different nw.js settings and Chromium args in package.json to see if I can influence this behaviour, and I just can't get it to work.

    I'm supposed to be uploading my Mac build to Steam today and I still haven't solved this problem, which will cause me to fail Valve's QA for sure. If you have any insight I'd really appreciate it.


  • Never mind, I finally figured it out (only took eight days...) -_-

    For anyone else who has this problem, I solved it by using an older version of NW.js (I ended up using v0.44.5).

    Mac build of my game finally behaves as expected and has been submitted to Steam... phew -_-

  • Known issue, reported here: github.com/nwjs/nw.js/issues/7542

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