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  • Does anybody know at which point C2 stops you from cloning Dictionary objects? If you start a new project and add in a Dictionary, if you right click it, you can select Clone.

    I made it half way through a project, added in a Dictionary, added some variables to it, then cloned it before realising I wanted to add more data to it, so I deleted the clone. Now, here I am a couple of days later, and I now have it finished and want to duplicate it 2 more times, but can no longer do so.

    I referenced the data in this Dictionary 3 times, and have tried deleting these events to see if that helped, but unfortunately not.

    So yeah, just wondering if anybody knew how to clone Dictionaries, or what action stops this process from being possible. I now have to create multiple Dict objects and add in the variables one by one.

    This a bug, or by design? If by design, could someone please tell me the benefit to locking this feature?

  • I can right-click on a Dictionary object in the project tab and Clone. This is r210.

  • blackhornet How far into the project are you? I could do it in a fresh project, and even half way in, before I really started working on the dictionary file. It's now that I cant, and I was hoping someone was aware of something that would stop that happening. On mine, it's now a greyed out option.

  • I've not encountered that.

    Is the dictionary on the current layout you're editing?

  • R0J0hound - That had me confused for a moment. I was thinking "But dictionaries aren't objects that can be added to layouts." But I switched to a layout view as opposed to an event view, and yes, now I can clone them again.

    I then switched back over to an event tab, and the clone feature vanished. It's odd, because from the event tab I can still right click my object types and insert a Dictionary no matter what tab I'm on, but I must be in layout view to clone them (and it doesn't matter which layout I'm in).

    Maybe this is by design.

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  • I think I remember something similar, I did not took attention on it as my first reflex was to go to the layout tabs then clicking again (don't ask why, it just was), but now that you are bringing it up, it is odd.

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