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  • Hi,

    Objects->Object->MouseRight->Clone nothing happens.

    Any way to use this feature?

  • Oh i did see the cloned objects are now listed in the event sheet, but not in the objects window.

    maybe this is a bug?

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  • When you click "Clone" something happens, your cursor turns into a cross and awaits you to click on the layout to place it.

    Also you should see the clone in the object list of the "project" tab and even in the list in the "objects" tab (on the right of your screen).

    What object are you trying to clone ?

  • It clones the object type but does not add any instances. It should appear in the project bar - drag and drop it in to the layout to create an instance. This is by design.

  • Thanks for ur answers.

    Trying to clone a button. No cross appears.

    Why are the cloned Objects only listed in the Project Window?

    And I guess I got the old ATI bug again, since on "Layout 2" the button does not disappear in the preview. Layout 2 is loaded by an event Button Click in Layout 1.

    Also the tiled background and sprites are not shown in Layout 2. Got X1950 Pro with latest Drivers (10.0.2) and Firefox 7.0.1.

  • Fixed first problem myself. But the button stays on all layers.

    Edit sorry all Layouts. Please give me info to fix this.

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