Clicker game : Stencyl vs Construct2? (No flame thread)

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  • Hello! Me and a friend would like to start learning to make a game and we're undecided between Stencyl and Construct2.

    We really enjoy playing clicker games and gathered some ideas, so we thought learning something simple would be cool.

    Obviously we came across many tools and our final decision came up between these two. Now, any of you tried both of these tools?

    Would they :

    1. In the first place, be able to make a clicker game ( I assume yes both, but just asking )

    2. Let's say you have 50 coins, and you want to increase 1 coin every second even if the phone is OFF, App closed, etc (don't know how to explain better than this, i guess you should understand what i mean), i'm believing there is some sort of timer in the game that accesses the phone's time and then makes a calculation ? Or better ways?

    3. If it's possible and is easy to add in-app purchases

    4. If any of you tried both of these tools, which one would perform better if it's a clicker game that for example has 50 turrets shooting at one object. Would stencyl lag, construct2 lag? Would both perform well?

    I am going to ask this in both forums for obvious reasons, which I hope won't reveal to be the case, as in, i am expecting here people will be favoring stencyl and there construct2.

    I really explained in details what I need, and I hope to hear constructive answers HAHA


    Ah, if you know of anyone whos made a clicker game with either 2 of the tools, please tell me, I would like to try it out.

  • I am currently making a clicker game of sorts.

    As for adding coins in the background or while the app is closed, I suggest saving the date/ time periodically and adding coins based on that change.

    you can add in app purchases but I can't say if it is easy or not.

    I only briefly used stencyl and did not like it. I'm sure both work just fine.

  • Alright thank you, I hope someone else comes around to tell me something more

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  • I tried Stencyl out a long time ago but after using C2 there is no comparison for me. Im sure it has gotten better by now but still, the only reason I would choose Stencyl over C2 was if I wanted to make a flash game.

  • 1. You should be able to make any kind of 2D games with both engines.

    2. My guess would be the answer written by

    3. You can do it with C2, I think you should be able to do it with Stencyl as well. I haven't tried this function yet.

    4. Both should be able to handle your game in regarding performance. The main question here is: How well you can design your game? Even the best engine can lag your game if you use up the device's resources.

    I only tried Stencyl for a short amount of time, but I moved back to C2. It can be my personal preference for C2, but my causes were:

    • C2 is faster in development and easier to use.
    • C2 has much more appealing license plans (I don't like the subscription version that Stencyl uses).

    I'd love to say that sit down to C2 and start the development with it instantly, but I guess it would be best to think out a simple game idea, whitch you can make in about a day and try both engines. The one that fits your needs more will be the winner. Both of them have a great free version.

  • Alright thanks glerikud, on the other side of Stencyl they are telling me that there is a very good book resource for their latest stencyl version, and that is a good thing to consider aswell.

    If it were for Construct, what would be its best resource book,site, etc?

    Thank you everyone.

  • If it were for Construct, what would be its best resource book,site, etc?

    Well, it depends what do you mean by resource book.

    For Construct 2, there is a manual. It's also intengrated into the software, so you can easily jump to the relevant chapters by clicking the links in the editor.

    There are user made tutorials:

    And if you still can't do something, there is the community (with a specific forum for asking for help):


    Also, you can find example projects coming with the editor for better understanding some game mechanics.

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