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  • I tried in my game, though I run into problems especially on mobile. first one time safari crashed when login windows showed up, other times, I had hard time entering in my guest name, or closing the window. it seems a hassle. I ll check more on if there are solutions using their api

    but is there another better alternative we can use with construct 2? if publishable with game on scirra site that's preferred but not necessary.   a good leaderboard and achievement . would be good if I can integrate their login into my game without some heavy window. for example people who want to play as guest.

    or is it better to code my own? what have you tried for your own games?

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  • If you go into your game's settings, you can uncheck "Always show login box on load when a player isn't logged in" so the login box doesn't show up when the game loads. Then just pass the user's name as part of the C2 action (ask for their name with a text input, and pass that value) - doing this should bypass the login completely, and just use the name you grabbed.

    The Safari crashing might have been a fluke - I haven't had issues with it, but I know Safari and Chrome on iOS randomly crash a lot for me.

    Can you email me ( what gave you a hard time when you tried logging in as a guest or closing the window? I probably won't get notifications on this thread, so that email is best, or posting in the community

  • thanks a lot for the response, I request the login window manually when user click to start the game. but I ll check and implement what you suggested.

    Will send you more details about the issues with the window (1. it was wrongly centered, but that could be just the plain page html I used, 2. couldn't be closed), I ll test these more to be sure and will send screenshot when confirmed.


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