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  • Hey everyone, just nerding out at the moment with with some emulator code for the gameboy, and I thought:

    How cool would it be to have a ClassicSprite plugin in construct 2?

    Basically, it would function as a sprite but also have some neat perks/limitations.

    You could set the number of colors (2,4,8,16), Create/import palette data, and assign palettes to the sprite.

    The result would be retro, but would allow palette swapping, and palette animations. If one wanted to get super fancy, there could be the master palette that an individual palette refers two. To make a Nintendo game, you would set the palette size to be 4 colors and limit yourself to a total of 8 palettes.

    Mostly, since I make pixel art anyway, it would be really cool to have indexed sprites and palette animations on the fly from within construct2. Who knows, it might also come with some performance perks

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  • Indexed sprites are the bomb, but if I'm not mistaken trying to do this real time (for html 5) would eat performance for lunch. There is currently a color swap shader, but this would be easier. Perhaps with some sort of intelligent cacheing for non dynamic objects. Would increase memory use a bit, but not lose performance to complex pixel level operations.

  • I would love to see some form of palette cycling. Having the ability to select a certain range of colours in a palette and alter them alone would be very useful.

  • Somebody - shoot, I didn't think about the performance on browser sort of thing... ya, the whole make this pixel this color at this point thing might wreck performance....

    spongehammer - That is what I want most of all... I just realized making a shader could probably work. you could use certain colors in the sprite to denote index, and then swap those colors out with a selected palette. probably not great to use this effect on everything but I might look into that!

    retro pallete webgl shader.

  • I'd love palette swap features, maybe c3 could do this?

  • Color Cycling would be a dream! Imagine you could have something like this in your games:

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