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  • OK, so I've talked about starting a game jam a few times, and just haven't done it.

    I was talking with BluePhaze the other day, and we thought it might be fun to do something with Classic Arcade as a theme. Basically taking an old Coin-Op game you remember fondly, and remaking in C2 adding any changes you might want.

    There won't be any rules on plugins you can or can't use.

    There won't be limitations on what version of C2 to use. If you want to enter using Free, then go for it.

    Any ideas or thoughts. Hopefully this one doesn't die down like others have. I think it would be really cool to see what people do with arcade games they loved.

  • My immediate thought is "here we go again", but I am actually really keen to enter a community jam/compo if it's properly put together. We seem to have one a month that pops up by a well-meaning but utterly unprepared forum member, usually a fairly new one, and things start falling apart pretty quickly. If we can get a few of the more well-established members, like yourself, heading this thing, then I think there's every reason for it to be a success.

    I'll chime in when it comes to format: Despite my every intention, I simply don't have the kind of free time needed to do a jam, at least not the sub-72 hours ones (which is most of them, really). If I've got a week or two to put together something in my evenings then I'm far more likely to enter, or to even take notice in the first place.

    I think that winning, or motivation to win, is important in competitions, but I think the idea of judges wouldn't work. I only mention this because it always comes up sooner or later. I'd much prefer a public voting system, but the less time I have to spend faffing on Facebook pages, other forums or obscure websites, the better. I think everything should be contained within these forums as much as possible.

    The specs and rules should be up for public discussion, but ultimately a few highly experienced users should make the final calls. Otherwise we'll be stuck discussing them for months.

    On that note, I'd like to recommend competition specs that limit the colour palette and screen resolution. If we're going arcade-style here then having that retro feel is be essential. It'll also speed up artwork generation for most people, as slapping together some simple but effective pixel art is something most people can do in a short amount of time. I also think input should be limited to keyboard and/or gamepad.

  • Thanks for the feedback. Let's start the discussion then right here .

    Standard Resolution for arcade games was 336 x 240. That's before Extended (512 x 288) and Medium (512 x 384) Res hit the arcades.

    I think we can keep it true to arcade and go with those, or just agree on something else. I'm not sure if it matters to much, as long as it's consistent.

    I agree 100 percent on having a community vote, no judges.

    I'm fine with a 2-3 week jam. It will give all us time to get work on it in our spare time.

    As for the color palette, that's fine too, but might be a lot more work and confusing for people. Again, doesn't matter to me though.

    For prizes, I am willing to give away free coupons to any of my udemy classes. Any other suggestions, I am all for it. I want to compete too though, so if my random chance I happen to win, I can just give my prize to the next person or something.

  • I think Gamejolt was experimenting with some autohosting thing for jams.

  • newt How long ago was this? Didn't anything ever come of it?

  • Not long:

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  • Now that's pretty awesome.

  • Maybe we'll wait for that feature to be available via gamejolt and then start this up .

  • Ok, I am bringing this back to life. has a system in place where you can host your own game jam.

    The game jam will be Classic Arcade Reboot - Use your Construct 2 skills to create a reboot of an arcade game released prior to 1990. You can use to check on dates when arcade games were released.

    The biggest questions:

    1. How long should the jam be?

    2. How should voting be conducted? With what we saw in GameJam 2013 with down voting, I don't think we can trust honest voting from the masses.

    3. I'm working on some prizes so there will be some incentive.

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