cjs 2 "package file is invalid"

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  • Yes i know it has no connection to c2 but im facing this problem after the 2.0 edition of cjs and i dont know what to do is facing another one the same situation? ive got a phone with 2.3.7 android. Everytime i try to install cjs i get the same error package file is invalid.

    i search in google and some fix steps like

    clear data and cache of playstore

    wipe data from fast recovery

    unistall updates of playstore

    factory settings reset

    i also have a rooted phone so i load a new rom (a cyanogen 7.2)

    i add a different account in playstore (with the same results)

    i change the ssid name of my rooter

    i download hideman app

    but nothing at all...i cant install cjs

    i also comment yesterday morning this issue in ludeis help center but i dont get any answer..

    i saw another one with the same problem also in 2.3.7

    can someone help?

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  • its strange that no one has the same problem under android version 2.3.7 after the update of cjs. Other people with samsung s and s2 have the same problem with me. During installation of cjs the error "package file is invalid". Anyway ludei team will take care of the problem as they said "hopefully before the end of this week" so if anyone has the same problem just make patience and it will work.

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