Chrome/IE music file size issue

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  • Good Day everyone.

    I spent roughly 4 hours today wrecking my brain getting my game music to work. It seems Chrome and IE do not play too nicely with music files if they are ~3mb and larger. Some files they refuse to play entirely. Other times it will load sporadically once every 10-20 loads.

    I made a new blank project and tested several files. Then I tried using the exact same file encoded at lower and higher quality (change file size) to trigger the 3mb threshold.

    All files played fine in FF8 and Opera 11.52.

    I am not sure if this is a browser limitation or if it's just a bug. I thought I should post this in case someone else was experiencing this issue.

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  • Browsers have pretty poor audio support, but I haven't had any problems playing music myself. Hopefully this is something that will improve in the next few versions of browsers.

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