Chrome 33 + WebGL performance

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  • SeekerSK Yeah, it's just that first middle mouse click. I'm making a level editor and middle mouse button is assigned to pan around the screen. Every time I run preview I'm panning straight away, but instead of scrolling my level, my entire game scrolls. And it's hard to habituate to press left or right mouse button somewhere on screen and then start panning around .

  • Sorry for hijacking this thread, but if we speak about Node-Webkit... Is there a way to secure package.nw file? Because for now I can double click it (I'm using Total Commander only on daily basis) and all my game files are visible. So I can just copy them, modify, delete... whatever. And for desktop games it's kind of unacceptable.

    After spending month on your game anyone can just rip all of your texture images without great effort. I know there is no perfect solution against piracy and sprite thieves, but currently it's more like an invitation for them

    Edit: I'm asking that because I've made some sprites for sale, and make a nice "demo" of every sprite, animation etc... And now I'm not sure if I should publish this. If I put it as a html5, every single browser can download all of my sprites with few clicks. And now when I decided to use Node-Webkit I accidentally found out that ripping sprites off Node-Webkit is much easier than from browser :/

  • I've heard intel has some tools to encapsulate all the files into one exe, but I'm not sure where they are.

  • shinkan exporting as an exe creates 1 file with all graphic and sound files encapsulated. How can you easily rip these?

  • bjadams no, it creates








    package.nw - this file contains all graphic files of your game

  • Firefox are adding support for gamepads soon (next two versions or so).

    We used to embed everything in to the EXE, but it made virus scanners suspicious, and probably made the loading times longer too. Besides, it would still have been relatively easy to get the resources out. Copyright law is a better deterrent than technical measures.

  • Besides, it would still have been relatively easy to get the resources out. Copyright law is a better deterrent than technical measures.

    Ashley Yes it's true, but for a normal user extracting resources is equal to black magic. But like I said in total commander you can just double click the file to open it. For desktop you can "open file with WinRar" doing same thing.

    And file name package.nw is calling to you "I have all images if you want".

    Simplest thing You could do to make it more less inviting is simple changing name to something else. For example "lib.dll". Or even better add simple event to let us select select our own name, and let us choose path where this file is placed. So you could do a folder called "data" or something and then you could place all your file from C2 and external files in that folder.

    But first of all, this file "package.nw" should never be able to open up.

  • What makes you think a normal user who regards renaming a file extension as black magic is going to publish a rival game making illegal use of the same graphics?

  • I didn't make myself clear enough.

    Normal user will never touch any file inside game folder except file to run current game.

    But a bit more advanced one, who likes to know whats insider folders will start sniffing around. And it's only a matter of seconds.

    It's not only about graphics but with everything: images, sounds, music, xml. Every file you are using in C2 is stored in that "package.nw" and can be easily copied, deleted or modified.

    That's obvious if someone want to rip your assets he will do it, but why we should make it so easy?

  • So, this issue is it affecting only xp and vista or all systems?

  • is package.nw a zip file?

  • bjadams yes

    Ashley Nevermind. I found a way to pack to Node-Webkit myself

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  • indeed the last time I tested c2 + node webkit export it produced 1 single exe!

    Ashley: would it be possible to have the option in C2 to export as is now or as 1 exe as it was before?

  • I would prefer this too

  • Arima, is it still bad for you in Chrome 34/35? Maybe it'll still be an issue a while longer.

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